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Use Text Messaging or Email to Schedule an Appointment or Get Medical Advice 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm


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Get More One-on-One Time with Your Doctor 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm

House Calls

Let Your Doctor Come to You
Caring, Dedicated, Board Certified Physicians At Your Home, Office, or Hotel

Patient centered healthcare

All clinics have the same problem: too many patients and not enough time. SyngryMed was founded by doctors, nurses, and clinicians passionate about helping people live healthy an accessible, personal, and lifelong approach to healthcare. Our clinicians are dedicated to bridging the gap in healthcare by making healthcare an integrated part of how you live your life, at home and on the go. We help our patients receive the medical care and advice they need, when they need, wherever they are. That's healthcare for life.



SynrgyMed attracts the highest quality physicians and providers. Our caring, dedicated, and Board Certified medical professionals manage everything from preventive medicine to acute care and chronic conditions. Choose your Dedicated Primary Care Provider from our Team, and get instant access to healthcare.

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Become a SynrgyMed Member and get instant access to healthcare. Our qualified, dedicated, and caring team is there when you need us to provide:

Physician House Call

Let your doctor come to you. Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider at your home, office, or hotel.


Use your phone or computer to have a face-to-face evaluation for common conditions or medication refills, and avoid waiting in line at the emergency room or clinic.

NP/PA House Call

Have a qualified nurse practitioner or physician's assistant come to your home, office, or hotel for a physical examination.

RN Lab Draw

Fill physician-requested labs with ease, comfort, and privacy.


Schedule a House Call for an electrocardiogram, or other bedside testing.

Blood Tests

In addition to House Calls and TeleHealth, we offer a comprehensive range of blood panel testing.



Over 20,000+ Members, Lets See What Some Have To Say!

Our providers and staff are fully dedicated to keeping our members connect with their provider and to bridge the gap in healthcare

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I wasn’t feeling well late on a Sunday evening. I didn’t want to spend the time waiting to be seen in the ER so I was looking on the internet for an alternative solution. I found SynyrgyMed and signed up to be a member. Took me about 5 minutes to sign up and I was online with a PA in 20 minutes. Within the hour I had a prescription at the pharmacy and now I have health coverage for the rest of the year. I felt much better the next day and was able to surf that morning. I even got a follow up text the next day to see how I was doing.
Recently I went to my Primary Care Physician and found out that I have a very high deductible. I wanted to get basic labs done and just a checkup and it would have cost me a fortune. I happen to be scrolling though Facebook one day and landed on SynrgyMed. As I was reading about the membership plans, I realized that I would save money on signing up on their $99/month plan. I signed up and started texting the provider and they scheduled me for a full exam and labs! I didn’t even need to take a day off of work.
SynrgyMed was a life savior for my aging mother! Dr. Azinge and Steven the PA both visited my mother in the Assisted Living and where very kind and spend so much time explaining her medical care and plan with my mother and I. I am able to keep in contact with both of them through Telehealth and texting. Making my life easier. Thanks, SynrgyMed!